Fall Planning

I have been exploring the wonderfulness of bullet journaling for about 7 months now. I use the term exploring very loosely, because I will forget to use it every couple of days or will miss a week entirely. Also, I use a lot of inspiration from Pinterest through my board dedicated to bullet journaling (and I highly recommend doing this). Bullet Journaling, as I have come to discover, takes a lot of dedication and time. But personally, I think it is definitely worth it!

But I digress, my excitement over bullet journaling is for a different post. What I was getting at is how much I also love the Fall months. I mean freakin’ LOVEAnd I think I speak for a lot of other people when I say that. I just adore the changing colors of the leaves, the huge variety of decorations to celebrate the season, the warm drinks, scarves, and being able to use sweaters to hide my extremely non-tan skin and the little bit of extra chub I put on from indulging in ice cream in the summer! Ugh, I could go on for hours. But let’s get to the point.

The arrival of October has gotten me so pumped to plan with my bullet journal. The amazing thing about the art of BuJo is that it is completely and 100% what you want it to be. And if you find yourself feeling stuck, there is inspiration all over Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube. Below is how I am using my journal to prepare for the wonderful chilly months ahead.

I’ve found that for me, seeing the whole month laid out over two pages is the best and a great quick glance to check the events I have coming up. I had some extra time one Saturday back in mid-September, so I got a bit of an early start to making my October monthly spread, which allowed me to have some extra time to add some seasonal flair to it! Yay, Halloween doodles! 


I threw in some pumpkins here, some ghosts and leaves there, and added a moon and stars and I was satisfied! I took my watercolor pen to it to add lots of color, found a fitting F. Scott Fitzgerald quote to fill in at top right corner, and made note of the dates I know I have something going on.


I like to leave extra room in my “this month” notes section so I can add events as more things get scheduled. Highlighting makes it easier for me to locate important days, and specifying what it is that is going on that day on the side makes it so I don’t have to flip to that week’s spread. I’ve experimented with tons of marker pens, but lately watercolor has been my go-to for adding pops of color! Its easier to control the lightness or darkness of the color being applied and it can act like a highlighter where needed. I also like to add a tiny version of the upcoming month in the bottom corner for more quick-glance future planning if needed. I’m all about efficiency!

A quick side note – sunflowers are my absolute favorite. I had some on my desk one afternoon when the windows were open and they got knocked over drenching my BuJo..which is where all the wrinkling and random yellow marks are coming from. It was a sad day. 

After completing my monthly spread, I began a page for tracking my habits and then a page for a “Doodle-A-Day” challenge I’m participating in during the month of October. After I filled those out, I created my weekly spread for October 2-8.


It makes the most sense for me to make my weeks from Monday to Sunday (versus Sunday to Saturday). As a disclaimer, I have been continuously changing and trying different layouts for my weekly spreads. But I do know that I like things to be easy to find, clear, and big enough that I don’t have to squeeze all my writing together! I included in this week space for any notes or to-do’s for each day, with my work schedule on the right side. Then I made a chart for my meals for the week to do the best I can at holding myself accountable (I’ve been having a hard time getting back on track to being healthy since my summer vacation….in June. It’s the thought that counts, right?). I also have been including sections where I can write things that I’m grateful for, or my favorite moments from the day to remind myself how amazing my life is and to scare away negative thoughts. Studies have shown keeping gratitude logs increases happiness, so why not! I also create a section for upcoming events for the following week, and a mini-calendar in the bottom corner to see how far into the month it is. Add some more watercolor, some nice Fall-y oranges and yellows and ta-da! My weekly spread is ready to be filled in!

Putting aside maybe an hour or two every Sunday or whichever day works best is a great way to keep up with your planning and to keep your life at least semi-organized with your bullet journal. It might just be me, but seeing cute little pumpkins in my planner is definitely getting me excited for what October has in store (hello, Apple Harvest Festival).

Happy Fall!


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